Mock Neck Top & Biker Shorts Set

$14.30 USD

A mock neck top and biker shorts set is a two-piece outfit consisting of a shirt with a high, close-fitting neckline and a pair of form-fitting shorts designed for athletic or exercise wear. The mock neck top provides coverage while still allowing for a stylish and trendy look.

Details and Materials:

  • Mock neck collar: This is a high, turtleneck-style collar that covers the neck and can provide extra warmth.

  • Short sleeves or sleeveless design: The top may have short sleeves or be sleeveless, depending on the desired level of coverage and comfort.

  • Stretchy, breathable fabric: Both the top and shorts are typically made from a stretchy and breathable material, such as cotton, spandex, or a blend, to allow for ease of movement and comfort during physical activity.

  • Biker shorts: These are typically made from a form-fitting, stretchy material and extend to just above the knee. They are designed to provide comfort and coverage during athletic activities.