Brick Sheer Crochet Lace Ruffled Top

$10.56 USD

A Sheer Crochet Lace Ruffled Top is a type of women's clothing that is made of a delicate and sheer lace material, typically crochet. It features ruffled detailing along the neckline, sleeves or hem, adding a romantic and feminine touch to the garment.

Details and Materials:

  • Sheer Crochet Lace Fabric: The top is made of a delicate, lightweight, and sheer crochet lace material.
  • Ruffled Detail: The top has ruffled detailing along the neckline or hemline, which adds a playful and flirty touch to the garment.
  • Feminine Look: The combination of the sheer crochet lace and ruffled details creates a feminine and elegant look.
  • Versatile: The sheer crochet lace ruffled top can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.