Black/Khaki V-neck Floral Print Woven Top

$15.40 USD

A V-neck floral print woven top is a type of women's blouse that features a V-neckline, a floral pattern, and is made of a woven fabric. The V-neck design creates a flattering neckline, while the floral print adds a decorative touch.

Details and Materials:

  • V-neckline: A V-neck is a type of neckline that is shaped like the letter "V".
  • Floral print: The top has a decorative pattern featuring flowers or other botanical motifs.
  • Woven fabric: Unlike knit fabrics, woven fabrics are made by interlacing threads at right angles to one another, resulting in a more structured and sturdy material.

  • Sleeves: Sleeves can be short, long, or sleeveless depending on the design.

  • Fit: Depending on the style, the top can be fitted, loose, or flowy.